Kamenets-Podolskautoagregat Joint-Stock Company offers to consolidate possibilities and working experience into the mutually beneficial cooperation.

High-capacity production-technical and test base of the enterprise in combination with long-term experience in products delivery to the conveyor plant AvtoKrAZ JSC, allows high-quality organization of the following:

  • Geometry of the products are defined by the following features:

    • Mechanical processing:
      • Lathing of the parts to 400 mm in diameter, 3 000 mm long;
      • Milling of the parts 300х500 mm;
      • Grinding of the parts to 150 mm in diameter, 800 mm long;
      • Coordinate and boring works over the parts with size of 300x300 mm;
      • Drilling, drawing, and burnishing of the internal surfaces of the details.
    • Heat treatment under the maximum temperature of 900°С:
      • Hardening, annealing, tempering, carburizing treatment, normalization.
    • Galvanic treatment:
      • chrome plating of the details to 600 mm long, depth of the coating 20 micron;
      • Zinc plating in the revolving bathes of the Kolokol type of the workpiece up to 150 mm long and 150 mm in diameter.
    • In our production we use workpieces from steel of different kinds, steel and iron casting, and stampings.
    • Cold stamping from the sheet steel up to 8 mm thick on the pressing with the tonnage up to 100 tonnes. Designing and producing of the stamps according to the customer requirements specification (drawing or sample of the detail).

  • manufacturing of the details from the offered products range with the possibility of their dimension types modification;
  • implementation and preparation for the serial production of new kinds of products according to the provided technical documentation or samples;
  • timely deliveries to the consumer.

We invite for cooperation the enterprises, which are interested in the location of their own manufacturing facilities and equipment of any kind within the territory of Kamenets-Podolskautoagregat Joint-Stock Company.

We will be glad to consider options of location of the manufacturing facilities with the aim of creating of the joint venture.